About us

By partnering up with locals, we help restaurants share their unused space while helping amateur chefs start their career and accomplish their goals affordably. This website serves as a mediator to connect restaurant owners with businesses, startup-chefs and caterers who are interested in renting an affordable commercial space. 

Inspired by everyday foodies, we make it easier to find the space to cook what you love and make money doing it. So you can start your business, use commercial equipment and work in a health and safety approved kitchen.  


Local Restaurant Owners

In such a competitive and struggling market, we needed to find a way to help bring in extra cash. By renting out our kitchen we were able to make money off unused space!

Local Entrepreneurs

Business is our passion and we love helping other’s pursue their passion. By being able to find space without breaking the bank, it became a whole lot easier to start selling what you love to cook. Why not? Everyone already told you that you make a delicious dish.

Community Oriented

By helping restaurant owners connect with local food businesses, we become a stronger and more dependable community. Therefore, the relationships we develop are invaluable. 


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